We are currently seeking manuscripts for fantasy & science fiction titles, general fiction, and non-fiction books (spirituality, human awareness, socioeconomic political reality, quantum physics meets spirituality, etc.). Whether you’re an established author or aspiring author, please give us a chance to review your book, should it speak to our publishing philosophy. We look for just a very few wonderfully written manuscripts each year. Thank you!



Tayen Lane seeks email submissions only, as we’d like to save trees and spare the environment, whenever and wherever we’re able. Please send your query letter or book proposal as a PDF document. We do not accept full manuscripts initially. We will contact you if we are interested in seeing your manuscript. If you are simultaneously submitting your manuscript to other publishers please let us know. Please see  submissions calls for the appropriate email address.


If submitting a letter of introduction please adhere to the following guidelines. Please:

  •     Write a letter of introduction in the body of the email and not as an attachment
  •     Provide a working title, a table of contents, word count, and a brief summary of the book
  •     Provide a chapter by chapter synopsis of no more than one paragraph for each chapter
  •     Tell us why your book is unique and why you wrote it
  •     Provide a short biography and list any published works
  •     Provide a marketing blurb that you would use to sell your book
  •     Describe your book's target market and why buyers will purchase your book



If submitting a full book proposal, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  •     Submit a letter of introduction (see above) in the body of the email, which outlines the material in the proposal (not as an attachment)
  •     Submit the full proposal as a PDF document
  •     Please provide an introduction, a chapter outline, with a brief explanation of each chapter,  art list and a sample chapter
  •     Please provide sample illustrations, photographs (copies, not originals) and how you envision the book (presentation)
  •     Please provide a short bio, any relevant credentials and/or skills that support your manuscript
  •     Please tell us who you see as the primary and secondary markets for your book and why
  •     Please provide a marketing plan describing how you intend to reach your book’s target audience, how you plan to promote your book? 
  •     Please provide a list of similar books and how your book is different
  •     Provide a marketing blurb that you would use to sell your book
  •     Please limit the entire proposal to less than 30 pages

We look forward to hearing from you. However, please note that we cannot take calls or emails regarding the status of your submission.